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Back in the 1980’s I was a small time building contractor, working hand to mouth, trying to make ends meet, pay my crew, and have a little left over.

Being self employed was my dream-come true, but after a few years it became my worst nightmare. You see while I was out chasing sales; biding contracts; supervising the crew; buying the materials; swinging a hammer; collecting the draws; paying the bills; and just about anything else you can think of about running a small business, I received a notice from the United States Treasury (IRS). My nightmare began. The IRS wanted to examine my tax returns. That meant books and records. You get the picture…..Long story, and a lot of money later; I learned that I needed to take care of my business as well as I took care of my clients.

So I began taking business classes at a local university. Two years went by and I picked up an accounting degree. But what really interested me were the tax classes. While taking classes I was fortunate to have had an instructor who took an interest in me. George Copus and his wife Nancy brought me into their practice and thus my education really began. I continued going to school and 16 months later received a Masters of Science in Taxation. While I was in school and working I also passed the Internal Revenue Service Special Examination and received my professional license as an Enrolled Agent.

In the spring of 1995 my wife Sammi and I moved to Austin, Texas. I opened a small evening practice and began working my days with a number of companies including Temple-Inland, KPMG, and a couple of local firms. While growing my practice I noticed that most of my new clients were doing many of the same things that I had done in the 80’s. They were all great at sales and running their businesses, but needed a lot of help when it came to bookkeeping, taxes, and tax planning. So I began developing methods and systems to help them.

By May of 2001 I was ready to walk away from the corporate work place. I found that most taxpayers were in need of someone who had walked in their shoes, understood their problems, and was willing to provide the help and direction they needed.

All I can say is it has been the best ride ever.

Thank you for taking the time to review this site. I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

We’ll do your bookkeeping, while you run your business.

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