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Dear Fellow Taxpayers,

No doubt about it, you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. And you want more financial success. So tell me, aren’t you just a little tired of writing those whopping big checks to the vampires at the IRS? Perhaps you are already paying your book-keeper, or some jack-of-all-trades tax preparer to prepare your tax returns. And I’d be horrified if you were turning over your tax preparation to some franchise-type scheme where they hire folks right off the street and train ‘em in a month or two. Maybe you really like your book-keeper so you think you don’t need to worry about it…

Fact is, unless you already have top-flight tax experts doing your taxes … you’re being taken to the cleaners! You see, it’s honest hardworking American taxpayers like you and me who take the fall the hardest. You mind your own business, work hard, and try to do the right thing when it comes to paying your fair share of taxes.

There’s Nothing “Fair” About Our Present Tax System. There are thousands of Americans earning $200k, $500k, even a million a year who pay little or no taxes at all. Why? Because they can afford a team of professionals who know how to play the system. Now, I’m not one of those guys who wants you to pay zero taxes. I am a patriotic American, and I love my country! Still …. it really burns me up to see honest, decent Americans’ are being taken advantage of by our complex system of tax laws… just because they don’t have access to a team of professionals to guide them.

My name is Frank Frye. I am the founder of My Tax Pro. And I’m eager to tell you about our company, because the sooner you take action, the faster you will rest easy, knowing that you are now one of those Americans who are paying what you REALLY owe the government …………… and not one penny more! We look forward to helping you create your ideal financial future.

We’ll do your bookkeeping, while you run your business.

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