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Trying to deal with the IRS on your own is like representing yourself in a court of Law, with NO legal representation. Any information you provide to the IRS, may hurt your case in the future.

Most people do not have sufficient knowledge of the IRS collection process, or the skills necessary, to submit an Offer in Compromise that is in their best interest. Many fill out the forms incorrectly, overstate their assets and income, and offer too much. Approximately 75% of the OIC’s are returned at the beginning due to forms being filled out incorrectly, of the 25% that are processed approx. 50% of them are rejected.

An Experienced Tax Attorney or Enrolled Agent can thoroughly research the tax laws and has mastered them. The scope of tax research is not just limited to the Internal Revenue Code, but also Treasury Regulations, IRS rulings and court decisions. Tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents have advanced training, technical expertise and financial insight to seek out and address all legal tax issues.

A Tax Attorney and client have what’s called “client/attorney” privilege.

Tax Attorneys, CPA’s, and Enrolled Agents have direct lines to the IRS, and the ability to immediately access information regarding your IRS situation.

In some cases, a portion or all of our fees are allowed by the IRS as a necessary expense in determining an offer in compromise.

If your allowable monthly expenses exceed your monthly income, you may not be required to make any payments to the IRS while that situation remains. Your account may be classified as uncollectible.

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